Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Wine Cabinet Case Study

The Wine Cabinet is a local neighborhood wine merchant and gourmet food shop that focuses on exemplary customer service and have a friendly staff. An extremely well managed store by a group of professionals coming from the food and beverage industry.

Background: While the store keeps a good record of their customer purchases, they were never able to use the data for providing an even better experience. The store Website was very informational and does not list the products that are available in the store. The store uses email newsletters that are sent out once a week. Response rates for email newsletters are low and in line with industry metrics.

The Problem: The store listed the following as their key pain points: customer attrition, gaining new customers and learning the likes and dislikes of their current customers.

ExactMobi Solution: ExactMobi deployed the following services that is helping the store to address the three main pain points that are listed:
1. Retail Analytics to create easy deployment of personalized store communications. E.g. send out product arrival news based on analysis of interest groups of buying behavior
2. Personalized promotions: Send thank you notes to certain customers, communicate with customer interest groups on the arrival of their favorite wines, get customers to come back to the store
3. e-Store that is accessible over PC and mobile devices
4. Personalized email engine that is able to personalize products, promotions & coupons for their customers
5. Reward based peer referral program to get new customers introduced to the store
6. Integrate the store with Facebook for greater reach to friends of friends

The ExactMobi deployment has been a big success. The customers have provided a tremendous amount of positive feedback. Purchases on the e-Store have led the store to be highly encouraged even during the testing period. Goals that were outlined at the initial start of the project have been met and the product is now called the Retail Platform of the Future by one of the owners of The Wine Cabinet.